Cloud Monitor is a secure web application that ingests raw EC2 Watch feeds and provides the customer with access to interactive reports on: 

Instance hierarchy based on platform, environment, type, name and instance metadata.

  • Functional group: Testing, staging, pre-production, production and demonstration.
  • Production group of instance functionalities such as ingest and encode.
  • Instance ID.
  • Measure time.
  • Instance type, for example t2.micro, c3.large or m3.medium.

Default measures automatically made available include:

  • Costs.
  • CPU usage.
  • Incoming Network Transfer.
  • Outgoing Network Transfer.
  • Disk read and write operations.
  • CPU credit balance for burstable t2.* instances.

Custom measures requiring running code on the server to generate:

  • Memory usage.
  • CPU usage for every running process.
  • Any other custom metrics specific to customer needs.

Cloud Monitor reports can be downloaded in PDF format with the underlying data available in XLS.