What you don’t know does hurt you. On the clouds

Not knowing how much you overpay can hurt your bottom line. Significantly. To find out how people deal with cloud costs, we surveyed AWS users. About 70% of respondents have already taken some measures to control AWS costs, but only 30% of those who tried succeeded in achieving their cost reduction targets. 

AWS cloud storage for Big Data

A key financial advantage of cloud computing over onsite computing is elasticity: Cloud computing power and storage resources can be provisioned on-demand at virtually any size. This ability of clouds to elastically allocate resources makes performing large-scale data processing and analytic jobs cost-effective.

Optimizing Amazon Web Services costs

Amazon Web Services (AWS) evolves constantly. In 2015 Amazon announced over 700 AWS updates, typically new and modified features or novel pricing mechanisms. When AWS functionalities evolve, so do cost-effective cloud solutions on AWS. A solution that used to offer low costs a year ago doesn’t necessarily do so today. Let’s go over three examples.  Read more